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OK, maybe I do have a few things to say about startups and technology...

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  • Wearable Gadgets of Various and Dubious Value

    A friend of mine was kidding me that I used to buy every “gadget of dubious value” that came out, which is pretty much true.   But he also remembered that one of them was the first iPod, and that turned out to be a pretty good one.   Here’s a rundown of the current crop

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  • #FloridaToCuba #XtremeDream

    You’ve heard about Diana Nyad’s incredible swim.   When you watch this amazing and inspiring TEDTalk, you’ll be less surprised that she was able to do it.  

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Chris FralicChris Fralic has been a partner at First Round Capital since 2006 and is based in their New York office. He has over 25 years experience in technology/commerce/media companies ranging from Computerland to Oracle to to! to TED.

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